glaucomaGlaucoma develops whenastigmatism. Imagine that you are squeezed sponge where is constantly flowingwater with a few rubber tubes. So the sponge is like a muscle and the tube is like a vessel. Rubber tubes swelledfrom the other side from where water pressure. As you can see in the photo here swelled vessels. On strongastigmatism pressure is such that these vessels are sometimes cut through youreyelids.
Medical ophthalmology does not recognizethe oculomotor muscles disease, so you decide yourself how they will cure that.

How modern ophthalmology cure glaucoma? Very simply, piercethe eyes and the eyes blown out. Nature created the human eye with excess pressure, due to the eyes acquires asymmetric form ie 100% eyesight +1. And then after a piercing eye loses all its symmetry. This is one problem.After puncture still remain tight muscles. This is the second problem.
Dark rings under the eyes, and a small ache between the eyes canbe likened to varicose veins. Maybe you wonder why people have dilated veins in the legs, and why are they blue?,Because on the leg in a some spot, muscles are compressed and formedastigmatism, muscles compressed with vessels andveins, and due to this muscles compressed vessels and veins dilated. Same is in eyes.
For example, if you're all day read, or work at a computer, or play thecomputer, you will notice as you have red eye vessels. This is because the eyes muscles are tight and compressedwith vessels. Blood circulates in a person due to the pressure. Of course squeezed state ofmuscles (in the place of muscle vessels and microcapillaries) in the eyes increasing pressure andthis pressure is call glaucoma.
All this forms a blue under the eyes and between the eyes.
How to cure? Very easy train every day your oculomotor muscles.
Also, swelling of eyelids and blue bags under the eyes can be from kidneys failure whenthe kidneys clogged with salts, or other chemicals.
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