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After examining material presented on this site you do get an answer, what is it laser eye surgery.
What is the laser vision correction?
As was already mentioned in section technology, nature gave a perfect optical system.
Perfect natural focus on the ideal symmetrical eyeball == 100% vision.
When you have bad vision you still have a perfect natural optical system with poor spherical structure of the eye (on astigmatism). When you will make the laser vision correction it changes the natural focus, catching up focus to the optic nerve. In this eyes will remain after laser correction destroyed natural optical system and destroyed the spherical structure of the eyes. That is another problem added to the other..
Strong astigmatism transverse(obliques) muscle.
Astigmatism - is a hard clay compress muscle.
After laser eye surgery remains astigmatism and chulban lens.

Perhaps a new word (chulban) was born in English language as appeared laser eye surgery.:)

Whole science grown up on incorrect theory of accommodation of Hermann von Helmholtz.
According laws of physic (geometric optic) focus structure may not be ideal, not in a symmetrical eyeball. (on astigmatism, eyes become like a deformed ball, broken symmetry), and laser eye surgery changes the optical parameters of the lens under the destroyed structure of shaped eye.
A year later, or maybe half a year after laser correction in nearsight patients muscles will be stronger and stronger pressure on the eyes, and a farsight patients muscles will increasingly pulling back the eyes, such destroying tailored optical system of the lens. Consequences will be unpredictable.
Laser correction - is like a built-in glasses - is a constantly dry eyes - is always red, not beautiful eyes - are permanent conjunctivitis disease - is a disease of the vascular system of the eye - is a constant pressure in eyes - is a constant eye fatigue - is a more astigmatism, during laser surgery oculomotor muscles occuring a colossal spasm - is a body that does not heal, the cornea is transparent shell covering the front part of the eye (the film) that it is cut couldn't be heal, it will always be in stick condition - is a trauma of the nervous system of the eye that will never gone in this life. In this news show what will happen after laser vision correction.

Vision after laser correction at night.
Vision after laser correction at night.
Videos glitch after laser
Vision after laser correction at night.

Vision after laser correction at night.Vision after laser correction in the morning.Double vision after laser correction.Blurred vision after laser correction.
Vision after laser eye surgery at day and night.

Translate Now I will show what is an astigmatism. I needed a one year to train oculomotor muscles to get that astigmatism muscles. I'll put my favorite eye glasses, that do not terrify you. A little training muscles. Do you hear how their crack. Not always I can get that points. This is an astigmatism oculomotor muscles. Medicine cannot help. No one can help, only you can help yourself to cure that.

Forbidden to do these exercises after laser vision correction, because you have another lens, another focus, chulbaned eyes.
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