StrabismusStrabismus is again disorder of the eye muscles(astigmatism muscles).
If you mow the left eye to the left - this means you have a strain leftlongitudinal(recti) muscle.
What suggests Bates? How to cure strabismus? Bates suggests to train oculomotormuscles to cure strabismus. It is advisable to train all oculomotor muscles. Pirate glasses also curestrabismus.
What offers a modern ophthalmology? Surgically cut and stretch tight muscle,sew right longitudinal muscle, and like that put the eye in its place.
Bates was categorically opposed to any surgery on oculomotor muscles.For one simple reason, this will violatethe process of accommodation.
It is unlikely that a surgeon will can, nobody will can to put the eye that,the focus of the lens will exactly fall on the optic nerve. Surgery will only break the symmetry of the eyeball.Accordingly, after surgery, focus willnot properly fall on the optic nerve.
Demodex mitesDemodex mites
Demodex mites
Demodex mites:
Follicles demodex or demodicid, - a small mite, less than 0.4 mm (length) thatlive in your pores and hair follicles, usually on the nose, forehead, cheek and chin, and often in the roots ofyour eyelashes.
Mite which cause disease such as acne, pimples, blackheads.
And when the micro-parasites live in the roots of the eyelashes cause disease suchas conjunctivitis, halyazion (barley), blepharitis.
Not the mite causes these diseases but a microbes do. Human skin is completely protectsagainst microbes but a mite pulling these microbes. Due to of these microbes all inflamed.
Demodex feeds business. There aremany ointments, creams, for eye is called blefarogel, but nothing kills that mites. No vaccine.
If you suddenly scratched eye, that means Demodex has declared itself.
The only method is to pull out lashes.Thus it is possible to get rid of theseparasites.
Eyelashes are re-grow.

It was recently discovered anti Demodex antibodies in human blood.Antibodies are (immunoglobulins) immune system. They synthesize the immune system cells such as T-lymphocytes,B-lymphocytes, macrophages, etc.centuries have passed since Demodex,been found but as you can see no vaccine because Demodex feeds business.
Cataract - it is a stagnant position in the eyes. If you have seenthat in eyes swim some midges, amoeba - is the initial stage of cataract.Garbage will develop over the years in your eyes.
Because of the glasses and lenses eyes in the sockets are not moveable.And when the eyes are not moveable gibberish begins with the eyes. Developsastigmatism, reduced blood flow, here you get cataracts.
What recommends Bates? Start doing gymnastics oculomotor muscles,train the ciliary muscle, do palming 3 times a day.
PS Palming a tedious process, better go to sea for 3 months. and do palming lookingat the sun with closed eyes. As well as drip Propolis, a good tool for cleaning vessels.
What recommends modern ophthalmology? When it is clear that began cataracts,you are advised to wait until ripe, and when you get blind, their will do the expensive operation for your money.Remove your lens and put an artificial lens.:)
Cataracts are found in old age. Apparently Ophthalmology paves the way for abusiness, writing out the glasses and lenses.
Progressive myopia:
As I'm sureophthalmology have no idea the concept of eyemuscles disease, even such a pathology no in Medicine. Medical ophthalmology is moving not in thatdirection, she put her only in front of the eye, lens, ciliary muscle, cornea, sclera and optic nerve. This meanswhen ophthalmologist diagnosed progressive myopia, sclera appear blame fo that. Assign operationscleroplasty.
Some misunderstood. Eye is liquid itself, but within, the eye is no full of water,just a vacuum, excess pressure. The eye shell has a liquid form, due to oculomotor muscles eyes get variety shapefor accommodation. And after Scleroplasty liquid eye becomes plastic.
How to cure? Very simply, start training the eye muscles, how to train see -> here.
About glaucoma you can read -> here
P.S. about astigmatism can be found -> here.
How to cure? Very simply, start training the eye muscles, how to train see -> here.
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