Exercising the pupil of the eye.The easiest method is to train the ciliary (photosensitive) muscle flashlight in a room where no light. A better that lamp, which illuminates the whole room. 10w-20w example and look to the table Snellen 3-4 meter distance.
Flashlight to the wall for 1 seconds, turn off flashlight for 1 seconds. Do 50-100 times.
Do not light your eyes direct. Only see the reflected light. You can do this before the mirror and see how the ciliary muscle trains, shrinking and expanding. Lesson boring, but I think 10 minutes each days to 3 times can be given. A month later, start increasing your training. The authors write that this exercise helps to photophobia.
After 7 months training, began to notice that the ciliary muscle becomes more rich color.Maybe it's because of the blueberries or propolis.
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