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Here I'll show all my methods tocorrect vision naturally based on methods of Bates.

The structure of the eye:
1. Winking muscle.
3. Longitudinal (recti) muscle, leads the eye upward.
7. Longitudinal (recti) muscle, leads the eye down.
4. Longitudinal (recti) muscle, leads the eye to the right.
5. Longitudinal (recti) muscle, leads the eye in left.
8. Lower transverse(obliques) muscle.
2. The upper transverse(obliques) muscle.
6. Visual nerve

In nearsighted - disordered transverse(obliques) muscles number 8 and number 2.
In farsighted - disordered longitudinal muscles № 5, № 4, № 7 and number № 3.

Disorders of oculomotor muscles are call astigmatism.
Restore eyesight naturally using method of Bates

An American scientist William Horatio Bates (1860-1931)proved, that the accommodative nervous system in 6-x oculomotor muscles!Bates dedicated his life to studythe human eye.
Pupil - when viewed the eye,pupil seems black, but this is actually the lens. Ciliary muscle (photosensitive) forms the pupilhimself, regulates only the amount of light, shrinking and expanding, and the main function ofgood vision lies on oculomotor muscles. Through pupil light hits to the lens.
The cornea and sclera do not have any relationto the vision. For details, seemedical mistary. Let the eyes without the oculomotormuscles, condition like a newborns, the muscles elastic and smooth and do not press on the eye,in such state, due to excess pressure eye becomes like a ball, acquires a symmetric form,eyesight in that eye is 100% percent vision, it means +1.

Well, let's start training!

From experience I'll say, for example, if you sat at a computer 15years, or wore glasses at least 10 years, you will need a minimum of 5 years to improve visionto 100%! This is call a fast method of vision correction.
We take these training spectacles number 1, no lenses, empty.
1. Begin to draw eyes dial, around the axis points. Dial can doso, usually training neck whirling a head and in that process try to whirl eyes. 50 times in onedirection, and 50 times to another direction. After each exercise should be blinked 1-2seconds, on wishes.
2. Make a diagonal (we do all the exercises in glasses № 1).Diagonal is a like a looking right and left, left - it means looking the top of theglasses, right - it means looking at the bottom of the glasses. Do the same in reverse. In theleft - look in the bottom of the glasses, right - look to the upper part of the glasses. All do50 times one side and the other side.Diagonal do with a little sharp movements, helping with your head.
3. An unique exercise: Put(push) your finger with a light power to thebelow cartilage of the ear and move your jaws right and left with lightlittle sharp movements. Do not be afraid if you hear crunching. Crunchingis an astigmatism of oculomotor muscles! With finger locate the point which would becrunch. 50 times to the right side and 50 times to the left side. The most powerful exercise.
Open your mouth with power and close slowly with the power, as if youbreak the nuts. Checking exercise. Not recommended to do every time.

Exercises № 1 № 2 № 3 especially need to doshort-sighted, the myopic have astigmatism musclenumber 8 and number 2, as well as short-sighted should to do exercise number 4 and number 5, too
Transverse muscle number 8 and number 2 are use tosee closer objects.

4. Exercises up and down. You can help head do theexercises. Do 50 times.
5. Exercise the right and left. Do with a little sharp movementshelping your head. Do 50 times.

Exercise number 4 and number 5 especially need to dofarsighted. And also do exercises № 1 № 2, № 3, too. Hypermetropic hasastigmatism longitudinal muscles № 3 № 7 № 4,and № 5.
The longitudinal muscle № 3 № 7 № 4 and № 5 areresponsible for view a distant objects.

All exercises № 1 № 2 № 3 № 4 and № 5 need to do every day andseveral times in the day! Several times - it means to do 3 times in the day. After 2-3 month shouldto start raising the load 100 times each exercise in 3-4 approach 2 times or once in a day. It is the sameif you do the gym in the first time in your life and strain your muscles, and after the next dayyou will get muscles ache, ache will be such, that you could not get up from the bed. Same is with your eyes muscles. For thefirst time will be ache very much, but if you do for first time during a week too much exercise,then you'll get such hellish pain in your eyes, that you'llcurse all the world and do not do this any more. Drink Metamizol sodium, if eyes pain will beunbearable.

After last exercise drip to the eyes a Propolis. And also itis desirable to drink Propolis teaspoon every day on empty stomach. If you smoke, drink propolisis not necessary, is not compatible! The extract of propolis is called Hey Pee Wee, here's a link,here you can get acquaint with Propolis
During these training you will see double, and may even betriple items, because some muscles are relaxed, and some are still tense.
You should increase your training every month and after halfof year training, will no more eyes ache with larger loads of training.

Especially train those places that willcrunch and crackle, in several approaches, do as many times as muscles can.:) During the training process, you'll see how they can be especially trained.When you hear that somethingcrumbled it means there was an extension of a muscles. That means good.
Also train the ciliary muscle. How totrain, see -> here
For IT. Move your monitor farther andfarther, as vision will improve, that would be less strain transverse(obliques) muscles.When your mind realize that the vision comes back, then these trainings will bring youan unique pleasure.
Do not think when, just exercise every day.

You never cared your eyes, and you want that they will serveyou. Have perfect eyesight requires hard work and a lot of time.

Important. Pirate glasses.
American scientist William Bates in his days invent amystery of human vision. It is appeared, that the nervous system of theeyes is constructed like that, when one eye is close (ie, does not see), then during eachblinks, eyes trying to focus again, this method train all oculomotor muscles in both eyes!Only this method allows you to develop a vision more then 400%, yes, yes, this is real andproved!

Pirate glasses are ordinary glasses (without lenses),only one side is closed completely with black material.
Confound it be, all these trainings listed above, if you do notalways use pirate glasses.
Well, read, write, watch TV, play at the computer, working onthe computer, just been at home, work in the office, working at a computer in the office withone-eyed pirate glasses! When feel fatigue change one side to another.
Not permited to be in pirate glasses when driving, lost orientation!
What can we do to people who already wear crutches? How they willget rid of them? From crutches, from your glasses that you wear will need to close one side,thus you give the muscles work. Each half of the year you will fit weaker and weaker glasses. Andthose who wear contact lenses, wear lenses with a pirate glasses. It is high time to change thecrutches when lenses will cut your eyes, weaker lenses of course.
After a long work on computer in pirate glasses if you'll noticethat nothing can be see, it is time to do Palming. Palming - isrelaxation of oculomotor muscles. Rubbed hands to warm and made both hands to the eyes withouttouching the eyes. Feel the warmth of your hands for 5 minutes! Hands lifted, but eyes are closed.Made training with closed eyes - head up and down and side to side 10 times.
Print tableSnellen on A4 paper, and hang on thewall. After Palming look at the table.
The strongest Palming - is to watch with closed eyes to the sun.
The workplace for the eyes - is that, the lamp would not light inyour eyes, and let light hit to the wall where hangs tableSnellen. You should only see reflectedlight, not direct.

Optic nerve (retina) - it is a macula, a yellowbody-fitting semi-circle inside the eye. In the center of the macula there is adark pit, very sensitive, if there gets the focus then the human willhave 400 ~ 500% vision. With that vision you do not need a telescope to look at the stars, or tosee the rings of Saturn with your own eyes, or maybe you have a genetic predisposition, that youeven develop a microscopic vision.

May the great vision be with you. And do not forget to mentionBates.
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